Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Memphis Summer 2014

Leaving Asuncion

"JUST HELP!" Those are the first words Lee uttered to his parents when we landed in Memphis. No hugs, no smiles. "Just help."

It had been a nightmare trip for all of us. I started vomiting before we boarded the plane in Miami, and continued throughout the flight until we landed in Memphis. Which meant that Lee was in charge of the kids, and the luggage, and the carseats. I was useless! Poor guy,

But we made it alive, and were welcomed with amazingly rare, nice weather for a Memphis summer.

The kids were happy because they got to hang out with Mimi and Pops:

And Uncles Reed and Jacob:

And we went to Jackson to see Jane and Ola:

Jane loved the snuggles she got while we showed her some pictures from Paraguay. I am pretty sure she enjoyed the snuggles more than the pictures!!

They got to play baseball in their big backyard:

And I was surprised by Jane with a painting of me as a spanish dancer! I only wish I was some famous dancer!

The slide at Mimi's is always a big hit. And look how sweet Kinley is helping her little brother.
And this is the thanks she gets!!!

The Memphis Children's Museum is always a big hit 

 And the Peabody ducks can't be beat.

The kids had a blast at all of the parks too. Especially the BIG kids!

We found a big turtle at the neighborhood park


 Kinley even put daddy in time out
And we were so excited to see the progress on Cloverfield (Kevin and Jessica's farm)

Trying honeysuckle

Kinley loved picking berries
And their neighbors let us come see their animals

But Lee's favorite part of the trip was when he got to open his Kudu that he shot in South Africa

Skip and Sherry were nice enough to let him mount it on their wall!