Friday, March 9, 2012

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Better late than never

So when we were in Memphis and Tulsa over Christmas, we had some pictures taken of Kinley.  We had booked a professional photographer in Tulsa, but Lee's mom also booked an appointment at a place in Memphis and we thought we could get some cute Christmas themed pictures there.  So needless to say, we have LOTS of pictures of Kinley! Not quite sure what to do with them all, but we are glad to have them! It was hard for me to narrow them down for this post, but this gives a good sampling.

Here she is in Memphis at Portrait Innovations:
This is her little Santa outfit that Mimi gave her!

Giving cookies to Santa (Daddy)

Just relaxing in the rocker

This is the owl hat I made for her.  I wish the other ear stood up, but oh well

Our little wrinkled nose girl
Then here she is in Tulsa.  The photographer was Erin from Artsy Phartsy!

I love this one of her and Lee
And since we were all there for Christmas we had Erin take a big Turner family picture