Thursday, January 17, 2013

Turner- 2 months


While in Memphis Turner turned 2 months old!  This was a GREAT turning point because he started being the most mellow baby ever!  When we were in Tulsa I thought for sure he was colicky.  Then all of the sudden things changed.  I even joked with Sherry that they must have a carbon monoxide leak.  Otherwise, there was no explanation for his calm, no crying behavior! 
 He just started to really smile and is paying lots of attention to what is going on around!

Merry Christmanewyears! (Part 1)

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR (as it is almost Valentines Day!!)

I am finally getting a few minutes to update what has been going on in the the last month of so.  We are currently living in a hotel in Arlington, VA while Lee does training and we prepare to leave for Paraguay on the 28th! We have had a great time being in the US and seeing our families.  But two kids sure does make for a different kind of "vacation"!! 

This post will be of pictures from our time in Memphis with Lee's family.  They were so gracious to babysit EVERY day so that Lee and I could get out and do things like spend WAY too much money at Sam's and buy a car!  All things that we wont see for months when it finally arrives in Paraguay. 

Kinley loves the carousel

Daddy taking her on the big girl slide!

Sitting in Pops lap with her hat and "mitts" on.  She went through a phase where she wanted them on all the time

Playing with Uncle Jacob

"Carnell. Lee Carnell."


Excited about the laughing monkey Mimi and Pops gave her

Jane and Ola came to visit several times.  Kinley loves Jane because she gives her York Peppermint patties!!  I took tons of pics of her eating them with her, but they somehow got deleted :(

Sugar from Jane

Kinley loved being in Memphis.  Mimi had lots of toys for her to play with and she loved the slide she had for her!  Thanks for everything!