Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Star Seach

The Talented Carnell Siblings

Everyone thinks their kids are the cutest. The most talented. Destined for stardom. That is why Star Search was such a hit in the 80's. And now, all of the other competition shows are the same. Everyone thinks their kids are the BEST and wants everyone else to know it too! We are no different. **Disclaimer** Our kids are adorable! Their talent might need a little work though! :)

They can exercise:

Play Basketball:

And boy, can they dance:

This one might be used as blackmail one day:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fathers Day 2014

These kids sure love their daddy! He got lots of hugs and kisses on Fathers Day 2014.

And they made him some really cute gifts at school:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kinley's 3rd birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday to Kinley

I think Kinley blew out 100 candles on her birthday. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, she wanted candles. 

She opened her presents

Had ice cream with friends after school

Passed out from exhaustion

Then celebrated with her Frozen cake that night (again, blowing out the candle multiple times)

The next day, she had her Frozen party at her school. She had a blast. The girls wore Elsa crowns, the boys had Sven antlers. They ate Frozen themed food, played "Pin the nose on Olaf", and had fun hitting the Olaf pinata!

This is Popi, Kinley's best friend!

 The jello "ice blocks" were a huge success

Check out Lee's fabulous Olaf:

The pinatas in Paraguay are usually just big balloons that they put confetti and candy in,  hang it from the ceiling, and then pop it. So, the kids thought it was pretty awesome that they got to hit this one. But Lee had to really bust it!
 I am pretty proud of that homemade Olaf pinata!

All of the kids sit in a circle, and one by one, bring it up to be opened.

Then it was cupcake time

And then Kinley gave each kid a crystal marshmallow and "olaf in a snowstorm" (a homemade snowglobe with olaf body parts and glitter!)

*It has almost been a year since this party and she still talks about it. So I would call that a success!

Turners first day at Monigote

 When Turner got to the point that he was crying every day that we dropped Kinley off at school, we realized that maybe he wanted to start going to! So in June of 2014, Turner had his first day of school. And he hasnt looked back since. He loves it!