Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fall fun

*Disclaimer: This post is mainly for Lee to see what kids have been up to!

Kinley has never experienced Fall, and I dont know the next time she will be able to enjoy it.  So I have been trying to let her play outside in the leaves as much as possible.  She loved running in the backyard and kicking the ball.  And she brought me lots of leaves that she collected.  There was something up in the tree that she was fascinated with, but I could never figure out what it was!

Maybe she will be a soccer player
Picnic in the front yard!

Playing in the neighbors back yard!  And yes, it is 5:30pm and she is still wearing her jammies from the night before!  It's been one of those days.

Kinley has also been trying to help out a lot with Turner.  Here is is trying to give him his pacifier.  She gets a little rough, but no harm done... yet!
And her latest trick is to blow bubbles!  She is very excited about it.

Turner- 1 month

On Turner's one month birthday, he boarded a plane in South Africa and flew to Tulsa, OK!  Already a world traveler! Luckily for me, he did great on the plane.  Unfortunately my mom was not so lucky!  She had to sit with Kinley and that was a pretty disastrous situation.  Surprisingly we all survived!

Turner is a great baby and a good sleeper, so I cannot complain.  He loves to be held, which can be very tiring, but it is also sweet and gives me an excuse to cuddle with him often!  I know it wont last long, so I will take it while I can.

Baie Dankie South Africa

For those of you that dont speak Afrikaans, that means "Thank You South Africa!"  We definitely have mixed emotions as we leave our wonderful South African home.  We were able to see many amazing things while there, and most importantly we welcomed both of our children into the world there.  We will always have fond memories of our time there. 

We were all supposed to be leaving SA on Dec 5 and heading to Memphis.  But last minute we decided that the kids and I would leave early (Nov 15) with my mom and head to Tulsa.  Lee will stay and finish up in SA and then we will all meet up in Memphis on Dec 6!  So things were more than crazy as we tried to get everything done last minute.  It was very hard to say goodbye to our friends and we had one last goodbye with Rugby! :(

Here are a few pictures of our last days there.  We love you South Africa!  We hope to be back one day.

Just like her daddy
Halloween fun!  Our little cheerleader and football.

And our final goodbye to Rugby.  So sad, but she is really happy with her new family.