Friday, July 23, 2010

Official Orientation News

Lee recieved an email today with a bunch of information about his upcoming Orientation. Most importantly we found out that we will not get the bid list until his 2nd day, which will be August 3rd. And the official Flag Day Ceremony will be AUGUST 17th at 3:00pm! The day I have been waiting for will finally arrive in 25 days. Not that I am counting.

We also found out about several orientation classes for spouses and families, so I am getting pretty excited about that. My first orientation will be August 5th and lasts all day long! I havent been a "student" in awhile, so I hope I can be attentive and stay awake for that long.

There was a lot of other random information that isnt exciting enough to share, but while reading it I became giddy! Some people think we are crazy to volunteer to be sent anywhere in the world, but I am so excited for the adventures that are soon to come. And there is no one in the world I would rather do it with, than Lee. (Sorry Lee. I had to get sappy for just a second). I promise it wont happen too often!

So keep August 17th on your calendar. I am sure we will be broadcasting to the world the location of our new home.

Monday, July 19, 2010


The blogging craze crescendo appears to have passed and we have taken pride in our ability and willpower to break with the trends and not succumb to the apparent pressures to develop a "Newlywed Blog". You know exactly what I mean. It seams that every couple, once engaged or married, feels they have to start a blog and chronicle the everyday experiences of a relationship climaxing usually with the "Bun in the Oven" announcement. This usually is followed months later with never ending pictures of the "Cutest Baby in the World".

Katie and I hope to provide a slightly different blogging experience. We've been married for a year and a half, well, actually more than that now. We have had a blast and have had some really fun adventures along the way. Don't worry, we haven't created this blog to just skipped to the "bun in the oven" announcement. That is still down the road a bit, and I'm sure at some point we will, depending on how well we maintain this blog, make such announcement when the time comes.

Many already know, but I will take a few minutes to give you the backstory, which gives this blog its purpose. I am currently "Voluntarily Unemployed"; which means I quit my job. I'm taking a little summer vacation. High Schoolers really take such a luxury for granted. We all should take at least a month off every year to do whatever we want. I quit my job at a really well regarded consulting firm to take on a new challenge working in the Foreign Service at the U.S. Department of State. So, starting August 2nd I will begin training for an adventure which will take us mostly likely to a far away land. Every time we tell anyone about my new job, the first question they ask is, "Where are you going?" and the answer is, "We have no clue".

On August 2nd or 3rd, I will get a list of the available post which will ultimately include where we will be living for the next 2 years. Once we have the list, we will be ranking the post according to our preferences and on August 20th we will get the news of where in the world we are moving to. We are sooo excited! We are sick of waiting. We want the list now!!!!

We will be updating this blog to give all the updates about the process and our thought and discoveries along the way.

Thanks for checking out our blog. If you are interested in being updated on what is going on in regard to the whirlwind adventure that lies before us, check back often.