Monday, March 10, 2014

Tulsa 2013

 We survived the 2 hour flight from Houston to Tulsa!  Turner even fell asleep just before landing.  And we had a VIP welcoming from my nieces and nephews! 
As with all of my recent posts, this will be pictures, pictures, pictures.  I am playing catchup and will never finish if I write and post pictures.  We did a lot of fun things on this trip and wanted to show Maria as much as possible while she was here.  We went to the Aquarium, the lake (another post on that), pumpkin patches, volleyball games, football games, the zoo, and more! 
turles at the aquarium


At Claire's volleyball game

Turner loved his daily wagon rides
 Luke's football game

This couldnt be more precious

Turner's first haircut

so grown up!
Pumpkin patches!!  There is nothing more fun for a kid (or parent!).  This is one thing that we will forever miss living overseas. 

cow ride with dad

Kinley riding the pink haired pony

And of course... the fun pumpkin carving

Hanging out at the cousins house

They taught Kinley how to do a peace sign and say "Peace out".  This pic was a little late, but you get the idea

Fishing out glowing balloons with Sasa
Oh, wait!  Another pumpkin patch!  Why not?  We have to stock up while we can.  There was a Tulsa World reporter there and Kinley was in the newspaper a few days later!

Tulsa Zoo

Just before we left Blake and Madeline had a themed dance at school.  You had to go as a TV or movie couple.  Blake went as Alfalfa and his date was Darla!  So cute. But even cuter, was Kinley giving him kisses!  And I love the pic of Blake and Claire.  So one day if they ever say they "hated" each other growing up... here is the proof!  You guys were great friends!

Todd and Melissa's family even had a surprise birthday party for Turner!

And they sang for Kinley since they missed her B-day