Monday, December 30, 2013

8 months and not happy about it

 8 months is NOT cool!
Our sweet boy who rarely cries (again this was months ago and that no longer stands) was really not excited about taking his 8 month pictures.  But I had to get them and thought I would just let his true emotions of that day show!  So, here you go!

Kinley's 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday Kinley
June 12, 2013:  Kinley had a great birthday filled with lots of cake, lots of singing, and too many presents!  

The day started with a BALLOON WAKEUP, later followed by a balloon party in her crib!

Her first present of the day, an adorable kitchen from Nana and Bapa and then a french toast breakfast with candle:

Then off to school she went with her tutu (a Christmas present from Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Jeff)

For snack time, I took Mickey Mouse cupcakes to her class and they sang Happy Birthday in Spanish and English:

Then a birthday picnic outside with mommy and ice cream with a few friends:

The easel Mimi sent by accident for her 1st birthday!  Finally get to use it!

After daddy got home, she got to open the rest of her presents.  And while doing that, Turner was giving us his best blue steel:
Awesome bike from Mimi and Pops

High chair, stroller and crib from Jane and Ola

Ballerina with magnetic clothes from Nana and Bapa

Wooden birthday cake from Nana and Bapa

Had to add this one!  THOSE EYELASHES!!!!!!!!

Blocks from mom and dad
A long, exciting day!  For about a week or two after this, we had to sing happy birthday and blow out fake candles about 10 times a day.  Now (6 months later) we only have to do it several times a week!

Then on Saturday we had her big MINNIE MOUSE party!  It was a lot of work, but she had a great time!  She still talks about her pinata and her MM birthday hat.  Everything was Minnie/Mickey Mouse themed, even the food

Cake balls with mini oreo ears

Minnie cupcakes

 As everyone arrived, they got a MM hat and headed over to the "Bow-tique" to decorate: 
(side note- I had really cute signs with Disney font, but our printer was broken and my friend that printed them didnt have that font... so dont judge, you judgers!)


Then we ate and had a special guest appearance!!!  

Thanks Mommy Luisa!

 Then it was PIÑATA time!  Not to brag... but I was very proud of the piñata I made:
How cute is that?

A litte tug-o-war with Ken as they try to reattach the piñata

Time for cupcakes and presents:

Neca gave her a bunny!

Gracias Neca

And a cool Paraguayan guitar from The Elliots
 Then everyone left with a MM bag of animal crackers!
"Toodles!  Thanks for coming.  See you real soon!"

 Thanks to everyone that celebrated this birthday with us!