Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vivimos en Paraguay

Translation: We live in Paraguay!!!

We have been in Paraguay about a month and a half now and we are slowly getting adjusted.  The language barrier is my biggest problem, and Lee is even having a hard time because they speak differently here than he is used to.  

** As you can tell by my first paragraph, this blog was started about 3 1/2 months ago!!!  OOPS!  So this post is going to be a flashback from January through the middle of March. **

Those of you that have Facebook will be seeing a lot of the same pictures, but we did save some just for the blog!  We literally cannot believe how fast our time here in Paraguay has flown by.  We loved South Africa, and it was a great first post for us.  So many fun things to do there.  But I can say (I wont speak for Lee) that this post has been really good for me.  It has taken me completely out of any comfort zone I have ever been in and has forced me to do some things that I would never have imagined doing.  I still have a long way to go, but I am making progress with my Spanish and I have found some really great friends here that have helped me through this difficult transition!

The kids have GROWN, GROWN, GROWN!!!  It makes me really sad when I look at Turner and realize that he isnt going to be a baby much longer.  He will be 1 year old in just a few short month! AHH!  Where has the time gone?  And Kinley is a little human!  It freaks me out how much she talks, how much she understands, and how completely naughty she can be!! COMPLETELY different than her mother ;) 

So, please enjoy some pictures of our first few months here.  I will do another post of some of the most recent events later: parents visit, Kinleys 2nd birthday, Turner turns 5, 6, 7, 8 months!!!!

Kinley's pastimes: 
I took this picture because that is my baby blanket that she is sleeping with!  Unfortunately, she does not use it anymore, but it was sentimental for the few days that she did!

She loves bath time.  Check the miniature claw foot tub!


Reading up on Alaska (even though our family is leaving there now) :(
 Above- Kinley used to love being an airplane!
Mickey and Minnie!  Two of her favorites!
Loves to clean!  
Messy (playing in the DIRT.  Not poop)

Messy (finger painting)

Messy (first chicken leg!)

 Turner's pastimes: 


Looking frightened!


Showing off his baby blues!
Family fun:
 The above video is when Kinley was waving hi for Turner!
Kinley loves to give Turner his paci

Happy Valentines Day (we got to go on a date!)
Happy V-Day

Friday night movie

 Meet Maria:
Maria is our Paraguayan maid!  We love her!  It took Kinley a little while to warm up to her, but now she loves her.  Even though sometimes Kinley refuses to say good morning to her!  She has been wonderful with Turner and threatens to steal him on a daily basis!!  I am so grateful that she loves our kids.  We have been able to meet he family, spend time at her house, and get to know her personally.  We miss our Maggie (from South Africa), but we get to Skype with her often and we are all grateful that we have a "new Maggie" as Maggie calls Maria!
When Maria is around, I am not allowed to hold Turner!

She did Kinley's hair.  Kinley rarely lets me touch her hair, but Maria can do it!

 Backyard adventures: 
We love our backyard!  It was such a blessing when we moved here because it was super hot and we did not have our stuff yet, so the toys we had were very limited and got old quickly!  So we spent a lot of time outside playing!  Now it is winter and rainy and cold everyday, so we are not out there as much.  But we are looking forward to using it again in the next few months.

 This is Turner's first swim!!  It was cold at first and he was not happy, but then he loved to relax in his little raft!


GIANT snail

WOO HOO!  A swing
 She loves her swing and wants to go as high as possible!

And finally, just some random shots of our cute kiddos!

Now hold your horses... more to come!