Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was celebrated for about a month around here. With the embassy party, multiple days of decorating eggs and cookies, and then the actual Easter day, it was a great time!

Our wonderful friend Dannielle invited Kinley over to decorate eggs. She thought this was pretty cool! It was her irst time doing it, and I know she loved it.

And of course, we made fun Easter bunny cupcakes.

The embassy Easter party was a blast for the kids. I mean, who doesnt love searching for eggs filled with candy. Although these eggs were empty and they each kid got a bag of candy! Thats what happens when you live somewhere that is run by ants.

On Easter morning, we decided to tell the kids that the Easter bunny was coming while we were at church. Our church starts at 8:30, so there was no way we could pull it off and get to church on time. So, they got to open their Easter baskets before church, and then we had the egg hunt when we got home. 


Talent Show 2014

There was a Talent Show at the Ambassador's residence and Kinley was SO excited about singing at it. We went to the Ambassadors house a few weeks before the show for something else, and she thought it was the show, so she had to do a little preview for those in attendance!

We thought that on the actual day, she might get a little nervous and back out. But she was the star of the show. They even had to cut her off, because she would have kept on singing if they would have let her! She planned out her songs and the order she wanted to sing them. I think we have a performer on our hands.
She ran to me between each song to tell me what she was going to sing next. Not to ask what to sing, but just to inform me!

We were so proud of her! And we can't wait to see what she comes up with for next year.

Paraguay through Nana's eyes

April 2014: Sometimes it fun to see what Nana has on her phone camera! She captures some great moments, so we thought we would share some of her pictures from her last visit.
A picture of a picture! Kinleys school picture from last year (2013).

Lee made smoked pork for his guys at work. They are so nice. They even bought me flowers to thank me (although Lee did all the work)!

Loma San Jeronimo

The Asuncion Temple
Looks like a postcard! Nice work mom!

Ladies lunch date at Latte

 **Everything here is sponsored by Coca-Cola, so it had to be documented.
Our house

And our BEAUTIFUL street and trash box

Going to school