Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grand Lake 2013

THE LAKE Sept. 2013

It's the best place on earth.  My home away from home, away from home! ;) So many wonderful memories at the lake and hopefully many more to create with my kids. 

There are Sea-Doos, boats, swimming, fantastic food and family.  It doesn't get any better than that. 

Lee's family came to visit

And they brought a dancing ghost that the kids loved!

Kinley rode the tube with her uncle and cousins!

And mommy
Boat rides: snuggles, wind and driving lessons

We dressed like twins (on accident!)

We tried out the new lilypad

The kids "modeled"

 Tell me that is not the next Coppertone Baby ad?!

There was lots of playing on the dock

Maria does not know how to swim, but we helped her to get out on the lilypad, and she loved it! Didn't want to get off.  Oh, how relaxing.

She also saw the boys go down onto the shore and so she asked if she could go down there and get in the water where it was shallow.  And she asked me to take some pictures.

She was so excited, until...


It took her about a day to get back into the water, and never again over by the rocks (I dont blame her).  You couldnt pay me $1 million to go over there, but I didnt want to scare her when she asked, and I figured, "What are the odds.  She wont see a snake."  Stupid, Katie. Oh well, it made for a good story to tell her family!