Monday, March 4, 2013

Turner turns 4 months

There is that sweet smile again!  I just cant get enough of it.  He is so alert and loves to be talked to.  He just smiles at everyone he meets and it melts their hearts.  The people here in Paraguay adore him!  How can I blame them?  The word most often spoken about him here is "tranquilo." And that is so true. 
He cant get enough kisses and loves when I sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider!  He laughs when I walk the spider up his belly and it makes my day!  If only I could get it on video!  As soon as the camera comes out, the laughing stops!

Turner loves his paci (or "pass" as Kinley calls it).  As soon as he starts fussing, she yells, "Pass!" and tries to run over and give it to him.  But he is also finding his fingers now and is chewing on those most of the day.  I should probably change his clothes about 7 times a day because of the amount of drool this kid produces.  Its unreal!

He has become a master of flipping over.  I say flipping, not rolling, because it literally flings himself over from his back to his side or belly.  He first rolled from his tummy to his back, but once he did that twice, he never did it again.  Now it is just from his back to his belly and then he screams cause he cant (or WONT) turn back the other way. 

And his last trick is cooing conversation.  We sit and go back and forth cooing to each other.  He opens his mouth, sticks his tongue out and babbles away!  Adorable.   I think we will keep him.

First Snow/DC

YAY FOR SNOW!!!  Kinley finally got to see snow in DC!  And she LOVED it!  She screamed and cried when we would try to take he inside.  It will be a long time before she sees it again, so I am glad she got to play in it, even if it was only for a few minutes.

While in DC, we got to see a lot of great friends that we hadnt seen in several years.  It was fun to get together and have our kids play together.  We were really bad about taking pictures which makes me sad.  But we did get this one of Kinley and Hamilton Fronce (could possibly be featured in their wedding video one day?!) at Mount Vernon!
And here she is with daddy at Mount Vernon, looking at the cows.

Turner turns 3 months

We spent several weeks in DC before heading to Paraguay, and in that time Turner had his 3 month birthday!
He looks like such a little man!

All business!

This guy loves his sister and the attention she gives him.  He loves taking a bath, driving in the car and eating!  What a life!

Turner Lee Carnell Blessing

On December 29th, 2012 we blessed our son Turner Lee Carnell.  In the Mormon church we bless our children and give them a name that they will be known by on the records of the church.  Lee gave the blessing and both of my brothers and Steve Hickman stood in the circle for it as well. 

It was a special day that we were able to share with family.  Turner is such a blessing to us and we hope and pray that he will continue to be the healthy, happy, smiley baby that he is. 

He wore shoes that are 42+ years old that both of my brothers wore when they were little!!

**On a side note:  The morning of the blessing, we were getting ready for church and I needed my bra from downstairs!  I yelled down to Lee to get it.  He tried several times to throw it up to me, but I missed.  The final throw resulted in this!!

Our sweet Polly

My sweet, beautiful 95 year old grandmother is doing well, but she has a hard time hearing and so it is hard for her to carry on much of a conversation.  But she LOVES babies.  She would sit and hold Turner for hours and just smile and laugh at him.  She was in heaven and so were my kids!

Tulsa Time

We were so lucky to have our entire family home for Christmas!  Okay, so we were only ALL home for about 35 minutes.  But it was enough time to take a picture!  The only person missing is Kate, because she was at a friends house playing!

Following are some pictures from our time spent together as a family:
This is going to be a new family tradition!  Paintball!!!

Kinley's favorite pastime: watching Barney, Mickey Mouse, or Elmo

Mmm, whipped cream!


I guess her cousins taught her the duck face!

And here are the OU pics!  What a disaster of a bowl game, but we have moved on!

**You might need to sit down for the next picture!!  ALL FOUR men are in the kitchen cleaning up!
 And to say goodbye to our Tulsa trip, I will leave you with this precious moment!  Kinley went to get the paper with my dad almost every morning that we were home.  So sweet!

Merry Christmanewyears! (Part 2)

We have our big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and every year, Santa shows up with goodies for the kids! 

We enjoy lots of yummy food and time with our family!
Turner with Blake and Madeline

Mommy and Kinley's stockings
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Christmas morning in the Turner household starts with all the kids (usually lined up from youngest to oldest) on the stairs. Kinda hard to see Turner because of the garland, but you get the idea!  Kinley was very excited to come down to see what "HO!" had brought. Unfortunately Turners little giraffe toy was the first thing she saw, so we had to coax her away to see her stocking and Hello Kitty car! 

We were surprised at how excited she was for all of the presents she got (WAY TOO MANY of course).  Usually kids just fixate on one or two things, but she enjoyed all of them, so that made it fun.

 But the most special gift was the first one Kinley and I got to open!  Many years ago when I was in a sewing class in college, I made a coat and hat for my niece Claire.  Little did I know, she kept the coat and gave it to Kinley this year.  She wrote the sweetest note and made me cry.  It was too big for Kinley this year, so luckily she will get to wear it for a few years to come! Unfortunately, we didnt get a good picture, and that makes me sad.  Next winter, we will have to get a cute picture of her and Claire with the coat.  **Thanks Claire!  It still makes me cry every time I think about it.  I promise to take good care of it so you can give it to your little girl one day!

Turner was a trooper during Christmas!  I dont think he was ever put down for more than the 1 minute it took to change his diaper.  He just took it all in and slept a lot!!

Kinley spent a lot of time serving tea, drinking tea in her ball pit and playing with her bubble "leaf blower."

She loves her owl hat and mitts that daddy gave her

We are grateful for the time we were able to spend with both of our families over Christmas!  Thanks for all of the love, kisses and snuggles!