Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Butcher, A Baker, A Cowboy boot vase maker!

I wish I took more pictures.  I have really good intentions, but I always fall short!

We had a Memphis BBQ at our house last weekend.  We wanted to show our South African friends what smoked pork tasted like!  He smoked 3 pork shoulders and 3 chickens. I didnt get pics of the pork, but I got Lee putting the beer chicken on the smoker! So that is good enough. And everything was TASTY!

There is a website that gives you different activities to do with your kids for each week of their life.  For the 9th month, 3rd week the activity was to let them play with flour!  AHHH!  I was a little stressed out about this.  I am not a clean freak, but things like this make me feel very OCD.  But its nothing that cant be cleaned up, right?  So I laid a plastic bag on the kitchen floor and put flour in some measuring cups.  Then away she went!  It was probably the best day of her life. 

There are rarely pics of me, which is fine.  So I didnt have a "part" in this little tale!  So I thought I would show the centerpieces I did for the BBQ.  They didnt turn out exactly as I wanted, but they were still pretty cute!