Monday, February 3, 2014

Houston in September

In September we were able to go home to see our family.  It was cheaper to fly into Houston, which worked out great for us, because Jeff and Carolyn live there now.  So we got to spend a few days with them before heading to Tulsa. 

We brought Maria with us to help with the kids and also to give her a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to the US.  She had never even been out of the Asuncion area, so it was a HUGE change for her.  The first thing she noticed was how clean the streets were.  Everything was a new experience for her, from flying, driving on a highway for the first time, different foods, and rest and relaxation!  She loved it, although she missed her family.

We had such a good time with Jeff, Carolyn, Aubrey, Kelsie, Savannah and Bryce.  It is fun to hang out with the girls now and talk about their teenage drama!  I love it!  And they are hilarious.  And Bryce pretty much walks on water in Kinley's eyes.  

Their neighborhood has 9 pools, but this is the one closest to them.  Seriously?!  Where are these in Paraguay?  It was a kids dream.

And the water slides were a huge hit with Kinley.  She convinced all of us to take her down many times.  One of my favorite pics from the entire trip is this of her and Jeff walking to the slide.  Actually brings tears to my eyes even now as I write this.  Both of my brothers are so sweet, loving and caring with my children.  Means the world to me!

We also got to see Cami and Pat while we were there, which is always a good time! She kept calling me Angelina because I brought my nanny with me!  She never misses out on a opportunity to make fun!  And that is why we love her!
Maria made Mbeju for everyone so they could taste a traditional Paraguayan food.  Everyone really liked it!

We also got to go to several of Bryce's football games and be there for the girls first Homecoming dance!

Thanks for a great visit!  We love you all so much.

Then it was off to Tulsa with Bapa.  Maria freaked out in the middle of the flight and woke me up because my dad had fallen asleep!  I had to try to explain that it wasnt like driving a car, and that it was okay for him to snooze for a minute! 

July 2013

JULY 2013
July brought us the embassy 4th of July party, crowded baths, gentleman tea parties, 9 month birthdays and sibling love. It also brought us Mimi.  Unfortunately, we have no pictures of her.  How could that happen????

Kinley with Richard (our gardener) at the 4th of July party.  She LOVES him
  Just a few pics to embarrass our kids later:

Our favorite "Baby Nolan" came to play one day and the boys had a gentleman's tea party and surfed the net for awhile. 

Here is a partial shot of Mimi.  Proof she was here
Our suave guy turns 9 months! He is so handsome, if I do say so myself!

Siblings: Sometimes they hate each other. Other times it's happiness!

Mimi and Pops got Kinley this awesome basketball hoop and some cars for Turner.  Thanks!!

But the GREATEST thing that July brought (for me!!) was POTTY TRAINING!  Thanks to my friend Brooke for sending me the 3 Day Potty Training guide!  It was not pretty.  It was not easy.  But it is done!!!!!!  This is what she looked like for 3 days.  She looooooves her Tinkerbell undies!  We are so proud of her.