Thursday, January 14, 2016

Claire Bear's Adventure in Paraguay

How lucky we were to have Claire come stay with us in Paraguay for a little bit! I was going to be flying back by myself with the kids, so we convinced her parents that she needed to come with me to help! The plan was successful! And the kids were awesome on the plane, sleeping almost the entire time! Turner was curled up on Claire  most of the flight, which was super uncomfortable, but she is so sweet, she just kept saying that she loved it!

It is so fun to have someone visit when they know nothing more than the US. Because then everything is an adventure. We tried to some fun trips and see some things (as much as there is to see here in Asuncion!), but just a trip to the grocery store is an adventure when you are in another country. And we were so happy that Claire appreciated it, embraced it, and hopefully learned some things along the way.

Crazy street with trees in the middle of it
This was our trip to Aregua. They sell pottery there. Most of it is hideous, but some is actually really nice and pretty. The pier is pretty decent. And they have a beautiful church where Claire was hit on by some guys on a motorcycle! The best part of Aregua though, is the strawberry festival!

Mushrooms, Frogs, Angry Birds, Minions, anyone?

Strawberries and cream

After Aregua, we headed to San Bernardino, where everything was closed, but it was a cute little town on the river. We also trekked up a ton of stairs to see a statue of Mary.

 This dock was falling apart. I was documenting her crossing it, expecting to get her falling through the planks into the radioactive water! No such luck.

Claire had her hair washed and dried at a salon for the first time! It took a LONG time with all of that hair!

Other firsts: Mburucya (passion fruit) and alfajores (cookies with dulce de leche) and a churrasqueria

Chipa So'o and Chipa cuatro queso
Trying on the encaje ju clothes

Best orange juice invention... EVER
Mercado Cuatro with Maria

Claire spent her 15th birthday with us. She was treated to a Fish Pedicure and steak lunch! Then we took her to dinner at Tres Calacas, which is a funky Mexican restaurant with Day of the Dead decorations everywhere. We surprised her with singing, dessert and drinks (non-alcoholic of course)!

We hope you enjoyed being here with us as much as we enjoyed having you. Thanks for always having a good attitude, trying new things, and playing with our kids all day, every day! We love you!

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