Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tulsa days 2014

The lake is always the highlight of our trip to Tulsa in the summer. But we had a lot of fun doing other things this time too.

Todd took us on a bus ride (Turner was sleeping and had to miss out)

We got to see our friends the Loomis' and Campbells

We had a blast at the Childrens Museum. Especially the tape tunnels

Building a doghouse around Bapa

He "painted" forever! Did not want to give anyone else a turn

We even got to get together with some of my highschool friends and all of the kids. It was so fun to catch up with all of these wonderful mamas!

Turner is  hiding in the middle!

 It was impossible to get a pictures where you could see all of them!

There was swimming at their cousins, parks, and just hanging out at Nana and Bapas

For some reason, Turner always ends up in the sink at Nana and Bapas houses
Making pancakes

Lee and I even got to go see Wicked!

But when we got home close to midnight, this is how we found Turner! No rules when Nana and Bapa are in charge!

And of course, the big hit... THE LAKE

Uncle Todd took Kinley on the wake skate. Unfortunately, her mother is bad at taking videos

4th of July fun

We got to see our special friends The Beckhams from Texas!

And its always fun to watch the big kids play at the lake (especially Bapa on the weenie!!)

There he goes!!!!

Cool tricks by the boys:

And lots of battles, laughs and falls on the weenie and tube

They got Lee off Mable

Thats all folks

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